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Email Management and Correspondence


Services include:

  • Sort email inbox by creating and organizing files

  • Clean up inbox and remove emails that are no longer needed

  • Update contacts’ information

  • Monitor and respond to incoming emails

  • Send introductory emails to new clients and thank you notes

  • Share product or service information via “Constant Contact” with leads and existing customers

  • Set up alerts, rules, auto-replies, and filters

  • Manage spam emails and unsubscribe from unsolicited emails

  • Save and archive emails for future reference

  • Create “Frequently Ask Questions” (FAQs) list – Basic content provided by Business Owner


- Email Management & Correspondence - One Time Project (Flat rate) = $350


- On-going support for Email Management & Correspondence = $250 per email account (monthly basis)


- A La Carte Pricing available (call for details)

Starting at $350.00 and up

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